Harris Kettle Special

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Design: Tony Edwards, Malarkey Engineering.

 Harris Magnum 2 1983, Suzuki GSX 1100.
             Modified - Suzuki GT 750 engine
             installation. Front and rear downtubes, sub frame
             and  exhaust bracketry, engine plates etc. -
             Malarkey Engineering.

Wheels: Ex V and M racing magnesium Dymags. Rear
              converted to Spondon quick release system.
              (Malarkey). Blasted and crack tested.
              Sprocket carrier. Disc carrier. Spacers. Spindle -
              Malarkey Engineering.


Brakes: Discs - front, fully floating. Aprillia Mille R.
                         rear, bespoke offset.
             Calipers - front, Pretech 4 pot.
                             rear, Pretech 2 pot. Specially mounted
                             from swingarm
             Hoses - Venhill power hose +.
             Master cylinders - front, Brembo radial.
                                          rear Brembo copy.


Forks:  Ohlins RWU.

Yokes: Harris offset. Modified to take forks.

Shock: Ohlins to suit.


Engine: GT750 1972 tuned by BTK Engineering.
             Crank lightened, balanced and rebuilt.
             Barrels ported and machined for downflow carbs.
             Mikuni VM38 carbs, with Ramair pod filters.
             Bores, honed, radiused and knife edged.
             New pistons.
             TIP inlets.
             'O' ring head conversion.
             Complete new ignition side casings in magnesium.
             Full titanium bolt kit.
             RGV250 alternator conversion with BDK carbon
             fibre cover.
             Heavy duty EBC clutch springs and plates.

             Gear shaft specially modified to clear chain -
             Malarkey Engineering.

Exhaust: Swarbrick TR 750 spec, cone kit, road cans.
               Modified, welded and fitted by Malarkey Engineering.
               Finish chrome Thermakote - Camcoat.

Electrical: Motogadget M unit blue, M lock, control buttons.
                Kosso Speedometer. 

Ignition:   Zeeltronic PDC1 - 30 with pickup plate and rotor,
                fully programmable.

Foot controls: Tarozzi

Plumbing: Venhill +

Seat: Magnum 2

Tinware / bodywork: Magnum 2

Radiator: ZX6R, modified take-off.
Coolant: Evans powersports R


Spray work: Shropshire Classic.

Powder Coating: Frame / chassis components
                            Cambrian powder coating.
                            Wheels TPCS.


Engine Capacity: 749.5cc

Engine bhp: 96
Engine torque: 72 ft lbs

Wheelbase: 1404mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm

Seat height: 830mm

Rake: 24 deg
Trail: 98.7mm

Weight: 180 kg             396 lbs

Weight dry: 171 kg       376 lbs

Original GT 750: 230kg dry - 60kg reduction.




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