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21st Century Classics - BSA A65

Malarkey Lightning

BSA A65 Lightning.    
Design: Bill Gysin/ MME

Frame: MME. One off bronze welded chrome moly steel. Metisse Mk3 inspired, BSA style rear subframe.

Hubs: Hinkley Thunderbird front, Sportster rear

Rims: Morad 3.5 X 18 front, 5 X 18 rear

Tyres: Michelin Pilot Road III 160/60R 120/70F.

Brakes: ISR – Rear: 2 pot 210mm semi floating rear, Front: 6 pot 320mm fully floating.

Forks and Yokes: Hinckley Thunderbird 43mm, Maxton cartridge internals

Rear Suspension: MME Oval section swingarm with internal adjusters / Maxton twinshocks.

Engine: A65 Lightning. Lightened and dynamically balanced 270 degrees crank, Carillo rods, Megacycle cam, Moore Speed steel cam gears, lightened and polished valve gear, SRM 750cc barrel, Richard Peckett gas flowed head, 10.5:1 compression ratio, high capacity oil pump, 34mm Concentric MkIIs, Pazon ignition, Bob Newby belt drive and race clutch conversion, BSA close-ratio gearbox.

Electronics: Motogadget Motoscope instrumentation, keyless ignition, ISR switches, Motoscope M-Unit, LED illumination throughout (except headlamp), thru-frame wiring.

Plumbing: Earls throughout.

Exhausts: MME  Custom fabricated.  Ceramic coated

Rearsets: Barleycorn (modified)

Tinware: Tank – modified Goldie 5 gall alloy. Oil tank - alloy, custom built. Front mudguard - metallised GRP based on modified Hinckley Bonnie. Rear mudguard - metallised GRP based on '69 Bonnie, shortened 9" uidened 2". Headlamp brackets - Hinckley Scrambler. Headlamp - Lucas replica. Seat - one off GRP design based on BSA Spitfire - leather/ suede. Side panels - GRP one offs, based '68 Lightning, extensively modified.

Dry Weight: 150kg
Wheel base: 1370mm.
Ground clearance: 215mm
Rake: 24.5 deg

Trail: 90mm

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BSA Lightning cropped.png


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