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Classic Motorcycle Show Stafford 2023


The default sound from the E-Tracker motor. The magnetic flux amplified, harmonics and tone tuned to suit. The speakers to be housed under the tank cover.

Check out the Veitis EV Twin in the latest video here

Bonneville Build off Winner - Malarkey Girder forks 

Chasing Records, Pendine Sands 2015

Metal Malarkey was heavily involved in Tony Edwards'  super charged Cb 125 winning the British land speed record.

Classic British Bikes Reborn

Promotional video for the 21stC Projects.

A Tom Salt, Metal Malarkey and 3 Brothers' colaboration.


Three Sisters track day, Bonneville Attack!



Classic British Bike Action

Three very special Britbikes carving through the Shropshire and Welsh Hills.

Genuine XJ 13 Twin Cam V12

Metal Malarkey Engineering fabricated and assembled wish bones

Three Sisters Track day.

Go pro footage of the 21stC Bonneville.

Our Japanese customer, Tokyo

Tokyo, W3 Rigid - Metal Malarkey Girder Forks

Tokyo, Z750 FX - Metal Malarkey Girder Forks

Tokyo CB 750 - Metal Malarkey Girder Forks

Tokyo Motorcycles 750 FX - Metal Malarkey Girder Forks

Leavesley the Sky Surfer

We fabricated and helped design the build
of the Sky Surfer.

Mark leavesley of leavesley aviation giving
his newly designed "SkySurfer" a flight
around bishops castle in the shropshire hills.

Stafford Show footage, October 2013

Metal Malarkey Stand.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.
Biker's Classic

Open class

No noise restrictions

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