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Project Development

Project Management

We have developed an online Project Management database in which a steady update of works is recorded.


Customers can access their individual projects through a straight forward login system.


Using the "Notebooks" page enables two way discussion of ideas and thoughts.

Example of our teamwork PM wesbite.

Click here to enter.

Sketches and Drawings

At the initial stages of a project ideas are bounced around and sketches made.

These sketches are made into accurate scale drawings, 2D cad images and when appropriate a Solidworks drawing is made.


These are readily accessible through our project management system above.

Solidworks Design

Ducati Single Dsico Volante Rake, trail Reader (No. 1,5,6).png
HD Custom frame 30.10.13 website.png
Benelli Special Frame Geometry (14) 29.2.16_edited.png
A65 Lightning Special Frame Design (amended) 26.4.16.png
Kavach Girder forks geometry.png
Kavach Girder forks geometry 2.png
Metal Malarkey Brackets 4.3.16.png
Sketch 1_edited.jpg
Sketch 3_edited.jpg

Sketches are made up into the Solidworks 3d rendering whereby customers can view parts before they are manufactured. Solidworks gives an idea of: how parts are going to look, the assembly and geometry of the part.
The 3d sketches can also be sent to CNC companies for batch machining.

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