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Barry's CCM B50 at Farleigh Castle   see more here...

Classic bike Article.JPG

Metal Malrkey Frame Builders 

Classic Bike Magazine June

Front cover.JPG

Colins Benelli Digger makes front page more here...

Read Article here...

 Goldstar Special.

Paintwork see more here...



John Tracey's Dodge. Malarkey exhaust and other works.


Malarkey Late style T140 Special Swingarm

Fitted to John Waterhouse's gorgeous Trident TSX Style.


TT 2023 Supertwins

Fabricated larger fuel tank for Barry's MT07. He finished very respecable 9th and 6th positions.


Pro Bike Art recent photo session


2005 sportster: Reimagined '69 XLH

See more here...

Pro Bike Art recent photo session


Colin's Benelli Quatro Digger - Early 70's  S.California style 

See more here...


Follow Kev Haslam's Rickman Z1000 here...


Ducati 750 Roundcase rewire


Graeme's SV650 Malarkey swingarm & Maxton twin shock conversion


Sav's XV950 SCR. Malarkey seat and rack


Malarkey oval section swingarm to suit Graeme's SV650 twinshock conversion

Triumph T100. Rear crash bars stainless steel.

TR65 Chassis, Hagon Shocks

 see more here...

19-09-22 1.JPG

Tony's Goldstart Special in progress

 see more here...

Goldstar Chassis, Maxton Shocks

 see more here...


CCM B50 completed prior to nickel plating.

CCM B50 Works replica.

 Chassis and Ohlins Shocks


David's 21stC Bonnie in progress

 see more here...

                        Bike Shed Show 2022
It was a pleasure to work onthe bikes below and see them completed at the show 

Colin Darlow's Benelli "Digger"

see more here...


Colin Alder's Harley "Board tracker"

see more here...


Follow Tim Osborne's Moto Martin GS1000


E Tracker taking shape

see more here...


Colin's Metal Malarkey Benelli "Digger" Completed.

see more here...


David's 21stC Bonnie in anthracite grey  see more here...

Completed red, pinstripes.JPG

Tony's Goldstart Special, photoshop red, pin stripes  see more here...


Kev's Malarkey Rickman Z1 Special

tony edward lawnmower 1.jpg

Congratulations Tony. Guinness record. Worlds fastest lawn mower. 


Tank works on Martyn's gorgeous Goldwing

swingarm 1.JPG

Sean Murpheys Malerkey Triumph swingarm


Malarkey Engineering Frame Repairs

Ken Reads RG500 MKV1 GP Race Bike  see more here...


Chris' Dyna Special 

see more here...


Malarkey footrest adaption.

A contented looking Neil and his Spondon.

Swingarm 2.JPG

John's Triumph Swingarm '81

see more here...

123 sa.JPG

E-Tracker Swingarm 

see more here...


Paul's Guzzi California. Rack and Pannier bracketry


Nicks GS800R Forward Mounted Footrests


Follow the progress of Geoff Stray's Panther M120 Special

see more here...


Fowlers win Bonneville Build Off - Malarkey Girder Forks

see more here... 


Electric Tracker Frame

see more here...

website image.jpg

Electric Bobber rolling chassis in progress

see more here... 

Girder powder coated 1.jpg

Follow Henry Hyam's BSA A7

see more here...


See John Grainge's Ducati Monster S2R 800cc



Nicks GS800R Forward Mounted Footrests 

Antony Burges B king trike.jpg

Anthony Burgess' B King trike. Wheelchair rack, top yoke and rear lights by MME

Just Two Clicks

Antony Burges top yoke.jpg

Special stepped yoke accomodate short forks on Ants trike 

Classic Bike 21st Century Commando 

norton article.PNG

Click Here to read the Magazine Article.

21st Century R3 Prior to final painting 

Woddy's Trident. Silencer link pipe completed

Trident exhaust.jpg

Chris Savage's Yamaha XV Chainguard


Paintwork Underway on Colin's Digger Special

benelli painted.jpg

Trident - Malarkey Girder Forks

Neils girder forks.jpg

Chris Savage's Twin Cam Harley Yokes

norton article.PNG

21st Century Norton Commando

Malarkey Commando more...

Bike Shed 2019

Veitis Bike Shed-1.JPG

EV- Twin

Pure Triumph.jpg

Bobber Build Off Girder Forks

Geoff Strays Panther Special


Magazine article here

Metal Malarkey Girder Forks more...

Chris Nangle's Guzzi Completed



Just fit the exhausts.


Colin's Benelli Digger


Engine work completed. Ready for paintwork and seat upholstery. more...


Metal Malarkey Stand Stafford Classic Mechanics Show 2018

Another very successful show

Tony's Kettle Special wins best street special again more...

Stafford Classic Mechanics Show 2018

Monaco Yacht Show

The Veitis Ev-Twin
 Monaco Yacht show more...

Matchless Freemore


Harry Enyart's Freemore, winner at the Santa Fe vintage motorcycle show.
Metal Malarkey helped Harry with the chassis setup.

Metal Malarkey Girder Forks - Shovelhead, Germany


"The Girders are great! Impressing craftsmanship! Have look at the picture attached. Harley has become a very nice ride." - Kai-Uwe Tank

Mallory Park Bike Bonanza 2017

Customers invited to test out their bikes on the famous circuit.

JAP engine Sparkbrook

Fabricated exhaust system

Metal Malarkey Photoshoot 2017

Ian Daisley - ProBikeArt.
Jerry Hutchinson's 21stC Norton Commando Special and Carl Woodcock's Metal Malarkey framed, turbo charged CBX Special went under the lense in our 2017 photoshoot. Full gallery can be found here

Metal Malarkey Blog. more...

Pendine Sands - Landspeed record

Metal Malarkey was heavily involved in Tony Edwards'  super charged Cb 125 winning British land speed record.


Earles Beasley Forks

Mike Penney's

DB 512 forks more...


BSA A65 Lightning Special

Simon Brewin's A65 in progress more...

Tony Edwards' Kettle Special.
Modified Harris Mk 2 Frame, TR spec engine.

Andy Mitchell's very special Laverda, 500 mile service completed and ready to go.


Read 100% Biker, Malarkey Hinckley Triumph Special magazine article



Current project work - reports to follow.

TT 2016

Bishops Castle Rider, Barry Furber will be competing in the super twin and super sport classes at this years TT.

We wish him the best of luck and we will post his news here.

I Enjoyed the first race and 32nd is better than I expected. I did struggle to get into a rythem early on and never felt like I was really on it. But I'm confident I can go faster on Wednesday.... it's all learning. Thanks to the boys for a cracking pit stop Seamus Mcdevitt Jon Richards Moto-Design Ian Armstrong.


Congratulations Barry.
Supersport races 117 mph lap averages.

Lightweight fantastic 13th position.


Prescott Bike Fest 2016

An excellent event at the famous hill climb.

Stunning location, fantastic weather, a great mix of interesting machinery and a really good vibe.

Thanks to our customers showing and running their bikes up the hill:

Jerry Hutchinson - Triumph Freemore.

Dave Harris - Triumph Freemore.

Carl Woodcock - 21stC CBX Special.

Rob Gysin - 21stC Bonneville.

Jim Gysin - 21stC Trident.

Ignition News - Jaguar XJ13 recreation.

Metal Malarkey Engineering fabricated and assembled wish bones

Laverda 3CL Special

Girder Forks

Ducati 900 SS Special in progress.

Andy Mitchell test riding a very special Laverda.

Full write up to follow shortly.

Board track style Sportster

1924 Swift

In progress.

Metal Malarkey girder forks fitted to Shaw Harley Davidson "Miss Universe".

Axle half shaft repair.

Super Twins Race

Continuing our support for local riders - Barry Furber and Gary Gittens.

Barry is once again racing at the Manx this year. Follow his progress here.

4th place and a 111mph lap.

Congratulations Barry.

Barry Furber close behind at Cronk na Mona.

Italian Bike Meet 

Powys Arms - Lydbury North 7.6.15

Pendine Sands - The story of Pendine

Team Roy Pearson - Supercharged Honda 125


Saturday morning was clear and sunny, the bike and our kit passed scrutineering without a hitch. Due to soft sand on the middle section of the beach they could only set up a kilometer course that was being used by everyone, and the beach had been invaded by jellyfish so these had to be removed first.

Our first sighting run went well, I was changing up at 8,000 RPM and getting a feel for the sand, which makes the bike gently sway like the start of a tank slapper. We went through the speed trap at 51.289 MPH, not only setting a new a UK land speed record for the standing kilometer but faster than that set at Bonneville - as good start.

The second run I opener the bike up more changing up between 9-10,000 RPM and the speed went up to 65.812 MPH. Here we encountered a small problem as when I crossed the line and shut the throttle the bike carried on at 10,000 RPM, so I had to shut the engine off with the kill switch. Back at the pits the carb was stripped and there appeared to be sand on the slide, so even with our forward air intake it had managed to get in. We cleaned all the carb and inlet, but the multiple starts trying to sort it out finally drained the battery and by the time we had it recharged the course had shut for the day.

Sunday was cloudier, and Stuarts turn to ride. Whilst the course was set up we made an inlet filter out of a bit of old wire mesh and a pair of tights, this was taped to the inlet in the fairing. The rest of the bike was given the once over (only one lose fairing bolt) and we were ready to go. Straightliners had set up the 1 mile course for the day.

Stuart came back after his first sighting run having done a creditable 62.319 MPH, but the throttle had stuck again, everything was checked over but no reason could be found, if you left the bike for 10 minutes it started and ticked over fine, so we think possibly there was a build up of fuel in the supercharger (something we did have in testing) that was still being burnt off after the throttle was shut, it was just something we would have to live with. He was also complaining about a delay between opening the throttle and the engine picking up so pogoing down the track. as the only change was the inlet we put it down to a fueling issue. He went back out again with very similar times, the bike just didn't want to pull in fourth, and was still pogoing. We dropped the gearing and for his final run of the day he managed a 64.856, a new UK land speed record for the standing mile in our class.

We had been advised by a few people over a drink or two the previous night that the throttle delay could be caused by pulsing in the carb and that we would be better running a CV carb. We had one in the 'spares box' but no spare jets, we fitted it and although we could get the bike to start and tick over it wouldnt do any more so the needle and main were an issue. the needle couldn't be lifted, but a fellow competitor had a fix for this and went away and with the use of a needle file reprofiled the needle. But still no joy so the old round slide was refitted. We took the decision to remove the 'filter' and just give it a go.
Straightliners had set up a standing mile, and flying quarter mile trap so two records were up for grabs.
Stuart did a couple of runs both in the mid 60's MPH, the carb response had improved so we think it was the 'filter' but still the bike wouldn't pull in 4th. Talking to team Mad Max, they suggested that the intake could be producing a RAMAIR effect so presurising the carb and starving the engine of fuel. The intake was removed and we decided to try the 72,000 RPM drives for the supercharger, but sadly the bike refused to start on them, so the 40,000 RPM drives were refitted. Time was ticking on and the mad Max team were set to do some demo runs on their Helicopter jet engined bike, so we only had one run left. We decided just to ring the neck off the bike in third and see what happened.
We managed a 69.940 mile and a 70.634 average across the quarter mile, with the bike revving at 12,000 RPM. When Stuart got the bike back to the pits the clutch was fryed and oil was dripping from the casings but we got the 70 MPH.

All in all a great weekend Team Roy Pearson have three UK land speed records to their name and if we can get the bike to pull in fourth and fifth then I'm sure that we can easily do 100MPH next year.

A huge thanks for all our Sponsors and Supporters, because without you this wouldn't have been possible.

Three Sisters Track Day - (full page here)

The Three Sisters Race Circuit was hired and owners with their Malarkey based Specials were invited for a track day.

Youtube: Triumph Bonneville Attack!



Rob Gysin on his 21stC Bonneville.





The second series featuring our very own Fuzz Townshend is starting Monday 24.3.14 9pm National Geographic channel. Fuzz is an accomplished drummer, classic car restorer and real ale beer critic. You will find his music on the latter part of our video "Old Dogs New Tricks" and "Classic British Bikes Reborn." 



Promotional video for the 21stC Projects.

A Tom Salt, Metal Malarkey and 3 Brothers' colaboration.

Youtube: Classic British Bikes Reborn


Vimeo: Old Dogs, New Tricks


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