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Classic Bike Magazine 

"Here is a frame builder that straddles both the calssic and modern worlds, - even at the same time should you wish"

Bob Dixon - Classic Bike Magazine 

"Metal Malarkey is well known for it's exquisite fabrication work and superbly engineered re-creations of classics"

- Bob Dixon

Goldstar Special

"If anyone has ever built a special or undertaken a rebuild will appreciate the time, thought and effort, not to mention the cost in making this, as it’s a work of art. I do hope you can enjoy it out on the open road." - Tony Rovezzano

Buell handlebar disabled adaption.

"Well the parts are as brilliant as always but those "throttle cams" as i call them are exceptional and way better even than the online upgrade parts, you really should start making them as i never thought you could make them that good i am over the moon with them Thanks!" - Tony Pratt

"Your mods you have done for me are the biggest transformation of anything i have done on the bike to date" - Tony Pratt

Triumph Swingarm '81

"Just to say how pleased I am with the swinging arm ie workmanship , tig really nice." - John Waterhouse

Triumph Bobber 1200, Girder Forks

"The bike looks amazing, thank you." - Kevin Lington, PureTriumph

T160 Swingarm

"Just fitted your swingarm to my bike. You did a wonderful job, I am so happy! Thank you very much." - Jan Feldtmann

The Telegraph

"Visually outstanding and high in traditional engineering appeal, with impeccable road manners. Excellent reference point for combining old and new technologies that should improve in both range and performance as technology advances."

Sparkbrook Exhaust

"Thanks for a 1st class job making the exhaust system for my 1912 Sparkbrook" - Ray Hudson

Girder Forks

"An awesome peice of custom work" - Eduard Ionescu

Nacelle Magazine. Triumph owner's club.

"Some of the best products of quality British motorcycle engineering and design you can buy"

Prescott Bike Fest

"Metal Malarkey Builds - Engineering at it's best"

John Newman


"Mal and the team build bikes - beautiful modern classics based on British bikes. They also design and build frames, a unique girder fork set that is exported all over the world, exhausts and fork yokes that would not be out of place in an exhibition of modern sculpture!"

Wemoto News

Stafford Show 2015

"You’ve taken the best of everything and then made something even better"


"The best bikes here by a mile"


and the words of a slightly wistful Irish man


"Well - I haven't got torrty grand, but if Oi did Oi'd fockin' spend it on that Troident!"

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

"Malcolm Shepherdson, who runs Metal malarkey engineering is at the Vanguard of this revival in bespoke classics."


"I am over the moon with the results of Mal's design and fabrication effort."

Classic Bike


"The chassis needed someone who could understand what Bill was trying to acheive. Jim found exactly the right man in Malcolm Shepherdson at Shropshire bike-building firm Metal Malarkey."

Classic Bike

"I can't overstate Malcolm's input, how well he has interpreted our ideas. He has a totally can-do attitude, and is multi talented."

Real Classic

"Metal Malarkey are inspired and inspiring bike builders."

Back Street Heroes

"The list of one off parts on this trike is so long that there just isn't the space to list them all. But, they certainly are a great testament to the skill and attention of Mal and his crew at Metal Malarkey, a bunch of guys that Matt can't praise highly enough."


"Stunning supercharged trike took "best in Show" at the Shines show against the best the Chopper club could field."

BSA Booster

"Malcolm is providing the use of his skills with the builds, but also extensive access to his great wealth of knowledge."

"The best thing about building a bike like this is all the different people we've learned from who have a great deal more experience than us, particularly Malcolm and P&M."

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

"They aren't afraid to challenge perceived wisdom to deilver stunning machinery that's true to it's roots but with modern technology, thinking and reliability."

Old Bike Mart

"The bike is being skillfully set up by a small company that's fast gaining a reuputation for producing 21st century classics.


"Brilliant service, i had custom stainless fender struts made, perfect fit, Malcolm is a perfectionist.Highly recommended friendly proffesional people"

Peter Cook, British Racecraft

"Metal Malarkey work is simply stunning, this is what the industry has been waiting for"

Jed Iles

"When I contacted Malcom about do some tidying up on my Honda GB500tt I had no idea how much it was going to cost but after discussing things with Mal and with some prices I decided to go ahead. This part of the project is now complete and I have to say the finish is way above my expectations plus the value as a classic bike has also risen. Many thanks to Mal and all his team for their excellent work and caring attitude."

Kai Uwe Tank

"The Girders are great! Impressing craftsmanship! Have look at the picture attached. Harley has become a very nice ride. 



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