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The Team

Malcolm Shepherdson

Metal Malarkey Engineering was founded by Malcolm Shepherdson. Mal has a tool maker/ welder background and was Foreman with MRD Metisse building classic racing chassis.

Matthew Treanor-Cartwright

Reuben Shepherdson

Reuben studied mechanical engineering at Shrewsbury Tech and Swansea Uni. He is a coded TIG welder and works in 2D and 3D design.

Finn Shepherdson 

Finn is a trainee with us and is about to study mechanical engineering at Shrewsbury Tech.

Nick Holiday

Nick is our camera-man guru. Always coming up with new ideas on locations and themes.

 Jack Farrington RIP

Jack was our IT guru.

A valued member of our team who is sadly no longer with us. He played a major role in our design work and admin.

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