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Ducati 900 SS

Customer: Christopher Kitchen


Works Completed

Initial assessment.

Source wiring diagrams.


Speedometer remove instruments, mounting plate and wiring.

Manufacture new mounting plate. Wire in new speedometer.

Alter wiring under fuel tank and re route to suit.


Re wire headlight, rear light and rear brake light.


Replace various suspect crimp connectors.


Investigate and fix voltage drop between battery and ignition etc. dirty terminals and relay contacts.


Remove old speedometer drive from front wheel. Make up new wheel spacer / speedometer sensor mounting plate and wire up.


Make up side stand mounting plate and modify stand to suit.


Move headlight forward. Cut mounting ears off, fabricate replacement bolt on plates.


Fuel tank rubbing on coil mounting plate. Make new spacers and lower plate. Sort out new tank rubbers front and rear.


No headstock bearing dust-shield, machine new dust shield to suit.


Forks hitting fuel tank. Remove front end, drill original lock stop and mount machined alloy block to limit travel.


Fuel tank sliding forward into forks. Make up new rear mounting with anti-vibe rubber insert.


Spark plug leads were too long and doubled back on themselves. Re route leads and shorten to suit.


Replace fuel lines with less restrictive bends.


Remove old mirrors and open out holes to allow well washers to fit in line.


Machine mounting bosses and collets to suit new mirrors.


Replace various red fibre washers with rubber and counter-bore where screen fixing nuts fit inside fairing.


Fit new battery and calibrate speedometer functions.

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