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Malarkey Engineering Specials 21stC Goldstar


Design: Tony Benyon, Malarkey Engineering. The design inspiration               was the BSA DBD34 Goldstar. Design cues carried through               to the 21st Century Goldstar include frame rear loops, fuel                 tanks, smith clocks, engine and gearbox

Frame: Metal Malarkey Engineering one off CDS steel bronze                       welded frame. Matisse Mk3 inspired.

Hubs: Talon front and rear

Tyres: Avon Road rider F.100 x 90 x 18     R.130 x 70 x 18

Brakes: Calipers: Front: Brembo gold 4 pot. Rear: Brembo 2 pot.

             Discs: F320, wavey, semi floating.  R240 wavey, fixed

             Master cylinders: Brembo

             Reservoirs: TRW


Forks and Yokes: Cerriani Replica 38mm

Rear Suspension: Maxton T260

Engine: Absaf. As Goldstar DBD34 engine, except for the relocated               10mm spark plug (for better combustion), modified inlet and               exhaust ports (for better flow), forged piston, stainless steel               valves, nikasil lined one-piece barrel, modern built up                         crankshaft with big end needle bearing, heavy duty main                   bearings, cast iron high capacity oil pump, vernier                               adjustable cam pinions and the timing gear plate is located               by a dowel. All individual parts are fully interchangeable                     with those in original engines.

Gearbox: Modified with Nova 5 Spd conversion

Electronics: Moto Gadget M unit and keyless ignition,                                           switches, Smiths Digital speedo and tacho. LED                                 indicators (Oberon), headlamp 7” stop/tail Lucas 564.                         Battery Motobatt MB5U. Wiring products

Exhausts: Metal Malarkey Engineering reverse cone mega,                                 absorption baffles, black ceramic

Rearsets: MME, Barleycorn 

Seat: Saddle craft Upholstered, MME seat base

Tinware: Fuel tank Tab Classics Lyta style. Seat cowl Tab Classics                  Oil tank Metal Malarkey Engineering Front and rear                            mudguards, stainless

Powder coating: PSG powder coaters, Oswestry

Painting: Lee Morgan Artworx

               Graham's Garage, Caerhowel.

Wheel base: 1430mm / 56.25"

Ground clearance: 215mm / 8.5"

Rake: 24.5 degrees 

Trail: 95mm

Dry Weight: 157kg / 330lb (std 190 kg)



Goldstar at stafford
19-09-22 1
19-09-22 2
19-09-22 3
19-09-22 4
19-09-22 5

Goldstar Specification: Styling cues - DBD 34

Pro Bike Art - 2023

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