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Honda CBX

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Honda CBX

Owner: Carl Woodcock



The Goal


The initial aim on this bike was to make a simple turbocharged CBX engine and have a strong well-made and designed frame to cope with the power output. Handling must be a priority so the steering was made steeper and top quality suspension components fitted without the upside downies, as is usually fitted to this type of bike.


The actual


The 1340cc engine has had the compression lowered to 8 to 1 for the turbo, an uprated oil pump, head oil cooler and deeper sump should take care of the cooling. Super strong conrods, modified Suzuki pistons and liners are used. Oil also runs in the frame to make the bike tidier and assist cooling. Uprated clutch & gearbox. Gas flowed head with stainless steel valves. The turbo used is an original 30 year old Turbo pack from the USA. The front exhaust system is to be made by Campbell's exhausts who made my RENEGADE system.


Electronic clocks incorporate fuel level, 2 temperature sensors, rev counter, speedo and various other functions from, air/ratio gauge with turbo boost to control fuel mixture and cut engine in case of problem. High output coils/leads, Dyna ignition unit from Tim's Parts from Louis Turbo advice from Preston Marks, top mechanic in the USA.


Forks, modified ZX6R, R6 Seat unit and sub frame, ZX6R swing arm and wheels, Ohlins rear shock, Suzuki GRXR 750 Headlight and top fairing. The tank is still to be designed and made. Wiring will be a custom job with electronic relay control. Brembo race master cylinders, hydraulic clutch and lots that I can't remember.


Big thanks go to Malcolm (Metal Malarkey) for modifying his frame design to suit my rambling ideas.


Thanks also to Technical Welding Services - Rochdale 01706 655402 for all the help and the welding of exotic materials to complete the bits that I forgot to fit on the bike in the first place.


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