Kawasaki W650. Retrofit – Bobber

Customer. Mr. Warren Smith


The following works entailed the aesthetic re working of the motorcycle. The major components: engine, frame, swingarm, wheels remain standard.



Components Purchased by Metal Malarkey:


Motogadget M Unit.

Oxford Gsi Immobiliser. European directive 97/24.

CB750 K6 Style. Indicators. P & W. 202 – 839.

Battery. Varta. YT27S. 6Ah110 Crank. Mike Pearse.

Speedo Koso D64. Digital Speedos.

Headlamp. Bates. 5¾” Bottom mount. Bike IT.

Rear light. Replica Lucas. 477/1 Wassell.

Horn. 12V 70mm dia. 100Db HORS12V. Bike IT.

Ignition switch. Vehicle wiring.

Starter button.

Horn button.

Handlebar switchgear St/St. Buttons. Zodiac.

Re-wire materials. Vehicle wiring.


Throttle Std 1” Twistgrip WW83123 Wassel.

Handlebars 1” 1950 Triumph type.

Handlebar Grips. Jackhammer 1” 351203 Custom Fasteners.

Front mudguard. Ribbed.

Front brake braided hose. HEL.

Brake fittings St/st 20” Custom fasteners.

Fuel hose Vehicle wiring.

Fuel filter Vehicle wiring.

Air filters Custom fasteners.

No Plate First plate.

Reflector Bike IT.


Front Firestone. Deluxe Champion 4.00- 19 Northants tyres

Rear. Firestone Deluxe champion. 4.5- 18 Northants tyres

Shock absorbers 280mm. 18kg. Hagon.

Fasteners. Misc Stainless steel. Custom fasteners.




Chassis. Frame. Cut out, blend all superfluous bracketry etc. under headstock/ tank, under seat. Subframe. Strengthen with gussets where necessary.

Rework exhaust hangers.

Rear indicator. Mounting bosses.

Re work top shock mounts.

Electrical box.

Electrical box mounts.

Petrol tank rear mount.

Rear mudguard mounts.

Seat mounts.

No plate bracketry.

Speedo bracketry.

Front indicator bracketry.

Headlamp bracket. Handlebar switchgear.


Shocks Bump stops.

Powder coat. Satin black.




Electrical box.


Bottom Yoke.


Vht Engine. Satin black/ gloss

Vht exhaust. Satin black

Front mudguard. Satin black.

Fork sliders. Satin black.

Carb tops. Satin black.

Front disk inner.

Headlamp. Satin black.


Brake lever, clamp, mastercylinder.

Clutch lever, clamp.

Top yoke.

Exhaust roses.

Rocker cover.

Carb float bowls.

Carb bodies – clean.

No Plate Bracket.

Rear brake lever.

Kick start.


Complete re wire. Incorporating M unit. Immobiliser. Metal malarkey switchgear. Running through frame top tube.


Full assembly.

Try out.

Dyno set up. Open pilot, main jets.

Final test runs.