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Malarkey Triumph Special

Hinckley Triumph Special




The motorcycle was specially designed and fabricated to meet the requested criteria: lightness, handling and road holding. It features classic Triumph styling and ergonomics to suit the customer. All component parts are to a very high standard.

The completed motorcycle is a bespoke, highly desirable machine. The head turning looks match the impressive power / weight ratio and superb handling.



Chassis: Design and fabrication of complete frame and swingarm. Special consideration made to weight saving, geometry designed to be quicker steering (reduced rake and trail) than std, wheel base kept to a minimum, low seat height to suit customer and aesthetics requiring clean lines and neater bracketry.


Frame: Material - high tensile tube T45 16 swg, bronze welded. Engine mounted directly through solid brackets, via stays - headsteady front and rear and plates making use of original engine swingarm spindle mount. Lower engine mounts through the same plates and spindle extended to accommodate footrests and levers. Pillion footrests mounted to frame via brackets.


Swingarm: Oval section tube. CDS 14 swg. Bronze welded. Provision for caliper plate / torque arm location lug, chain guard shock absorbers and paddock stand. St/st spindle, nylon bearings, CDS sleeve. Wheel adjustment made internally, adjuster bolt bearing on aluminium ends and St/st plates provided for rear wheel spindle clamping.


Bodywork: Frame, swingarm and associated bracketry powder coated satin black.

Assess, design, fabricate, machine:

Fuel tank - pre fuel injection type extensively reworked, base shaped to fit frame and “skirting” fabricated for completion. Mounting bracketry reworked and fitted. Provision for low level sensor and fuel return and feed compatible with fuel injection system.

Rear mudguard front - extensively reworked and aluminium plates incorporated to aid dirt deflection and add provision for electrical component mounting.

Side panels - rework to suit.

Front mudguard - under brace reworked to suit. St/st stays 3x fabricated for mounting purposes.

Tank, mudguards and side panels sprayed to a high standard finish.


Front end: Forks KTM. Wheel hub talon. Rim Takosago. St/st spokes. Tyre Continental attack 110/80/19. Chassis geometry designed around these components.


Rear wheel: Talon hub Triumph cushdrive. Takosago rim. St/st spokes, Tyre Continental attack 150/70/17.

Assess, design, fabricate, machine St/st spindle. Wheel spacers. Caliper mounting bracket / torque arm combination.


Exhaust: Assess, design, fabricate, machine 2 into 1 system St/st polished. Tapered oval section exhaust. Aluminium “ray gun” style end plate. Mounted through anti vibration rubbers. Absorption type baffle - perforated tube packed with blanket wrap.


Braking: Brembo Calipers - twin 4 pot front, single twin pot rear. Braided hoses.

Discs. Front twin floating. Wavy. 320mm, rear ventilated 260mm. Braking.
Caliper mounting plate / torque arm specially fabricated. Speedo sensor incorporated.

Setup and tested.


Electrical: Design, source, order, fit:

Complete re wire incorporating motogadget control centre, keyless ignition to suit.

Seperate low level fuel warning light and bracketry.

Handlebar controls wired internally through handlebars.

Digital speedo calibrated. Speedo mounting bracketry.

Headlamp mounting bracketry and sprayed satin black. Front indicators mounted through headlamp.

Rear light incorporating LED bulb. Rear light body re worked to suit. Indicators mounted through body.

Mounting arrangement for M Unit, M lock, coil, regulator rectifier, horn, battery and ECU.


Lubrication: Assess, order, fabricate, fit. Oil through frame system allowing oil cooler to be dispensed. Original fittings modified, replaced. Oil temp' sender incorporated and temperature indicated on speedo.


Fuel: Assess, order, fabricate, fit. A pre fuel injection system fuel tank was chosen for it's classic Triumph styling looks. This required an external fuel pump regulator and filter to be fitted. A gauge was used in the setting up of the regulator. Mounting arrangement to suit fuel pump, regulator and filter.



Road Testing


70 miles. Noting oil temp' - at 7º C air temperature. Oil temperature settled at between 95º and 97º C. We understand that maximum temperature is 140º C. A warning light will be set for 125º C.



Malarkey Triumph Special Spec:


Design: Steve Goddard and Metal Malarkey Engineering

 MME. One-off bronze welded T45. Based on our 21stC Design.

             Oil bearing - oil cooler omitted, oil fed through frame from pump to              cylinder head. 30% reduction in weight - from 51lb to 32 lb.

Wheels: Talon hubs. Black alloy rims. St/St spokes.


Brakes:  Front: twin four pot Brembo. 320mm semi folating wavey discs

              Rear: twin pot Brembo. 250mm fixed disc.
Forks:    Aprillia USD. 

Yokes:   Aprillia 



Engine: Hinckley Scrambler (270 degree crank) 75 bsp conversion.

Exhaust: MME St/St 2 into 1. SIlencer eliptical reverse cone mega.

Electrical: Motogadget M Unit

                External fuel pump and regulator

Foot controls: Barleycorn

Plumbing: Oil cooler ommitted - oil in frame

Seat: Designed to suit 3 types

Tinware: Side panels - T100 modified

               Mudguards Bonneville

               Fuel tank pre fuel injection modified


Engine Capacity: 904cc

Engine bhp: 75

Engine torque: 61lbs ft.

Wheelbase: 1473mm/ 58"
Ground Clearance: 180mm/ 7"

Seat height: 30.5”/ 774.7mm

Rake: 25.5 degrees
102mm/ 4”

Weight: Frame - 25 lbs/ 11.3kg

             (39 lbs/ 17.7 kg std.)

Weight dry: 380 lb/ 172 kg




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083 (Medium).JPG
Triumph Hinckley Scrambler - nearing completion.JPG

All tucked in, maximum ground clearance


All tucked in, maximum ground clearance


Paint works delivered - looking good


Paint works delivered - looking good

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