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Mallory Park 2017

Mallory Park is a motor racing circuit situated in the village of Kirkby Mallory, just off the A47, between Leicester and Hinckley, in central England. Originally used for grass-track until 1955, a new, basically oval hard-surfaced course was constructed for 1956, with a later extension forming a loop with a hairpin bend.

Metal Malarkey were proud to show off some of their builds.


An excellent event in a stunning location.


Thanks to our customers showing and running their bikes:

Simon Brewin - Malarkey Lightning Special.
Jerry Hutchinson - Triumph Freemore 2
Dave Harris - Triumph Freemore
Jed Iles - Honda GB500 TT




"Thank you for a great weekend at Mallory Park it was good to catch up with everyone and share our facination of all things connected to bikes. My first visit to Mallory and glad I went and managed to get a few sessions under my belt and a T shirt! I realiy enjoyed the track time over both days that was a bonus. And again it was a great pleasure to have the Freemores on show together in the paddock on your stand with all the other fantastic classic machinery. Great to catch up with Jerry again as always especially relaxing over an evening with a beer with every body. A well organised event from Malcolm and I bet you will have received some interest in th great work you do." - Dave Harris

"I just want to thank you for a fantastic weekend. What a great event! Saturday evening was a great chill-out. The track sessions were brilliant, and once I'd got used to the track layout and all the knee-down racer types haring round on both sides, and often without warning, I really enjoyed myself. It was great to see Dave again and for the Freemores to be reunited. They certainly got lots of attention in the paddock as did the BSA and Commando too. The siting of your marquee was perfect. I know several of the Triples boys from the TR3OC and could chat with them too.

Dave, it was a pleasure to see you again and chill out with everyone. Two Freemores out on track together is a rare event that I hope we will repeat many times more.
Cheers!" - Jerry Hutchinson.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mal and Carolyn for the invitation to Mallory Park Bike Bonanza and making my day so enjoyable and for my first track experience." - Jed Iles.

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