Prescott Bike Fest 2016

Set at the prestigious hill climb, home of the Bugatti owners' club.

Metal Malarkey were proud to show off some of their builds.


An excellent event at the famous hill climb.

Stunning location, fantastic weather, a great mix of interesting machinery and a really good vibe.

Thanks to our customers showing and running their bikes:

Jerry Hutchinson - Triumph Freemore.

Dave Harris - Triumph Freemore.

Carl Woodcock - 21stC CBX Special.

Rob Gysin - 21stC Bonneville.

Jim Gysin - 21stC Trident.

Dave - "I know its already been said but thank you for inviting us. Everything was just perfect and my Freemore had a good run and my dignity was kept in tacked. Very much up for more! Great meeting up with the MM club members ......!!!! A real pleasure being able to talk bikes all day - oh what joy!"


Jerry - "Excellent day, well done for organising great weather yet again! Once the Freemore decided it really did want to play ball (thanks to Dave for the hot plug transplant) the runs up the hill were terrific. The first was a sighting run really but the second was much better if far to short but that's the nature of hill climbs. It seemed that all the bikes got loads of informed interest and really demonstrated the variety of work that MME does! Looking forward to the next MME "members'" event...."


Rob - "We were BSA down but the Malarkey area of the paddock looked well cool. Hill climbs are not for the faint hearted as with so little time to get used to the very narrow course, making an error must be really easy to do. The marshals and organising team were spot on, a really helpful bunch who let me into the front of the queue as i was late back for the second run. I thought the event attracted a good mix of people, for what its worth those i spoke to about the Bonnie seemed to be knowledgable and into the engineering."


Carl and Frank - "Had a great time, really enjoyed the hill climb, not enough straights to stretch the bike but enjoyed meeting the MM bikers, a great bunch."


Jim - "Sorry we missed you when we left but just wanted to say thank you for including us in another excellent ‘Metal Malarkey day’. We were so lucky with the weather and it was a brilliant day on  Sunday.

I’m sorry we let you down a bit with a missing bike and a missing brother but I think there was still a pretty good display outside your tent?

I promise if there is any future opportunities I will have the Beezer fettled and ready to take centre stage!

Anyway thanks again for inviting us and see you soon"