Rickman T500

Rickman T500


Name: Steve Cooper


Bike Details.

Make: Rickman

Model: T500

CC: 500




Frame: Rickman RR

Engine: Suzuki T500

To install engine correctly, and complete requested tasks.



Rolling chassis – including engine

Radiator – Thundercat

St/St expansion chambers x2

Fairing and screen


Initial chassis set up:

Rake 30 degrees

Top frame rails 0.5 degrees from horizontal

Fork L 30”

Shock L 12”


Requested tasks:

Set up chassis @ headstock=27 degrees.

Note shock length

Note Yoke offset @ trail=4”


Engine remounted – tilt forward appropriately Consider front engine plates to mask excessive gap. Necessary for practical engine removal.


Mount exhaust ensuring adequate room for feet. Consider tweak to give more contemporary angle at rear.


Rear set plates incorporating exhaust mount. Anti vibration rubbers necessary.


Radiator – rotate RH bottom outlet, 90 degrees inwards with slight “cant” down.


Mount brackets from frame 2 top 1 bottom.


Fill ding.


Swingarm – consider rear chain adjustments, Accentric style.


Fairing – fit to suit.


Wheels – consider 18”. If tyres the same front and rear then my geometry set up will remain unchanged.


Handlebars – Clip ons, consider Disco Volante.


Side stand – Consideration regarding exhaust position and access for foot operation.