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Suzuki Bandit Chop

Metal Malarkey Engineering Report.

Customer: Chris Stephenson. Stoke on Trent. Staffs.
Motorcycle: Metal Malarkey custom built.

Colour: Black

Component parts supplied by customer.

Engine: Suzuki Bandit 1200cc .
Front wheel complete: Suzuki Bandit.
Front mudguard: Suzuki Bandit.
Front fork sliders: Suzuki Bandit.
Front fork stanchions: All Bike Engineering.
Yokes, levers: Billet Bike Bits.
Rear wheel: Kawasaki Z9R 200x17.

Component parts supplied by Metal Malarkey.

Petrol tank: Zodiac. Round side sportster type.
Petrol tap: Zodiac. Pingel.
Rear mudguard: Zodiac. 9” rigid type.
Rear light: Miller type.
Latch relays: Zodiac.
Stainless push button switchgear: Zodiac.
Headlamp: Cusom Fasteners. Bates 5 3/4”halogen.
Speedo: Custom Fasteners.
Stainless fasteners: Custom Fasteners.
Air filters: Conical to suit.
Indicators: Black body arrow type.
Oil Cooler, Oil lines, Brake & clutch cables, rear brake light switch: HEL.
Rear brake master cylinder: Mike Pearce.
Chain: 530 O’ring Mike Pearce.
Throttle & cables: Triumph speed triple.
Front offset sprocket: JB Gears.


Wiring: Phil James (usual meticulous standard of workmanship).
Paintwork: Joe Prichard. Candy Customs.
Engine paintwork: Nigel, Graham’s Garage.
Powder paint: Cambrian Powder Painters, Oswestry.
Seat upholstery: Ray Hately.

Design: Metal Malarkey/ Chris Stephenson.
Frame: CDS 2 Down tube - dia’ 1.75x12swg.
Other tube - dia’ 1.25x14swg.
Rake 35 degree.
Ground clearance 6”
Rigid design. Tig welded.

Fabricated parts: Metal Malarkey.
Stainless exhaust system, ( tucked in – ground clearance).
Forward controls. Stainless.
Seat pivot. Stainless.
Electics box, (housing battery, coils, starter solenoid, relays, fuses).
Rear mudguard struts.
Rear light bracketry.

Assembly: Metal Malarkey. Stainless fasteners used throughout.

Road testing: Metal Malarkey – South Shrophire.
Chris Stephenson – Spain.

Comments. (comfort, road holding, satisfaction / grin factor).
Very comfortable, - want to ride it to Faro. Great fun!

Value: A high standard custom motorcycle. Quality parts used throughout. 



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