Suzuki Bandit Conversion

Suzuki Bandit 1200


Owner: Yan Mills


Fabricated by Metal Malarkey:

Swingarm conversion. VFR 800 swingarm fitted including suspension bracketry.

After market exhaust. St/St link pipe and bracketry made to suit.



Front end GSXR K2 / K3 ( I think) Bars one off cow horn fat bars with big risers.Twin spots.Acwell clock. aprilla clutch assembly.Suzuki brake assembly.Bandit 1200 frame ( as 600 was no good)Bandit 1200 motor (124 bhp last time it was run)ZX600 or ZX900 seat unit & sub frame. ( fitted by you)VFR 750 swing arm assembly. ( fitted by you)DanMoto end can's, Link pipe ( made & fitted by you)The seat unit in the pic's will not be the one used on the finished bike.


A good friend of mine passed away in 2013 (Mr. G). he was (what we were to think 65% finished on this build) building him self a Street Fighter from lots of bits.


For years he had been a big fan of the Bandit having had 5, 600s & 4, 1200s Bandits and always buying bandit bits off ebay.Years before in the pub over a few beers with mates he told everyone that if anything was to happen to him the build was to go to me to finish off or to ride if he had finished it. After a short illness Mr G passed away.


I picked up the build and everything Bandit or build from his house with all the will in the world to get it up and running. The start was to strip it down & start over with everything I had so I know were everything was. To find that the 600 frame was not in a good way welds were not good or safe to have a 124 bhp motor going in it.


After a mate had had some work done by Mal (malarkey-engineering) a call was made & Mr G's red 1200 bandit was striped for the frame, I cut the sub frame off so that the ZX900 one can go on.Then i get the frame back & take it over to Oswestry to have it powered coated. I get the frame back & see i had messed up big time? I had forgot all about the swing arm. (long story).

So a call to Mal & the old 600 frame & the 1200 frame go to Mal with the VFR750 arm. The 600 frame was cut up & bits used on the 1200 frame.Then I see a set of can's that will go well with the build & the whole reason this bike was built in the first place.The Danmoto can's came & over to Mal they go. Mal fits the link pipe & the can's & you can see where I am up to with the build in the pic's. Mr G left behind a 12 year old daughter & I have told her that when she is 21 / 22 years old & has her full bike license I will pass the bike on to her.

"The Story" by Yan