Three Sisters Track Day

The Three Sisters Race Circuit was hired and owners with their Malarkey based Specials were invited for a track day.

The circuit hosts a wide variety of motorsport race meetings every year including regional and national rally’s, sprints, motorcycle and kart racing. The compact nature of the venue means you are always close to the action, and over the years Three Sisters is proud to be referred to as ‘The Jewel of the North’ within the motorsport fraternity.


Thanks to our customers showing and running their bikes:

Jerry Hutchinson - Malarkey Commando Special, Triumph Freemore 2.

Dave Harris - Triumph Freemore.

Rob Gysin - 21stC Bonneville.
Jim Gysin - 21stC Trident
Bill Gysin - 21stC BSA A65
Steve Goddard - Malarkey Triumph Special


Bill Gysin:

"Just a note to thank you for the Three Sisters day out.

It was hugely enjoyable, and despite the miserable 'one out of three' showing by the 3 Brothers equipe, it stacked up as a memorable day indeed.  We are rather left with the feeling that we want to do it all again as soon as the Beeza rids itself of its oil ingestion problem, as the spectacle of all three of our bikes on track together is something to look forward to."




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Rob Gysin on his 21stC Bonneville.



Youtube: Triumph Bonneville Attack!